Slapstick Movies

This week we welcome Floridian Derek Taylor Shayne.

Derek discusses the slapstick movies that he produces and releases online from his website DTS Entertainment. Or as Dave calls them Fil-lims!

We get into the genius behind Rowan Atkinson and Mr Bean and how Dereks production technique was lockdown ready long before the word lockdown became an everyday word.

If you want to checkout Derek’s work you can find it where you find Roku, just type DTS.

Dave Keeshan
Derek Taylor Shayne

2 Replies to “Slapstick Movies”

  1. Geoff Collins

    I love this interview! I’ve never met Derek in person but I’ve had the great pleasure of working with him in four of his movies, and they are indeed unique, like nothing else on earth. My friend Chris Welbourn filmed our scenes in a room in North Bedfordshire, and through the magic of Greenscreen I was transported to the jungle, Dracula’s castle and rural ’50s America. It was great fun. Derek is a gentleman, a very talented one, and he makes the world a much funnier place. P.S. My mother was from Belfast and she also liked the fillums, especially if they were in Technical Colour.

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