On this podcast we have Seizure Kaiser come on to discuss the Joaquin Phoenix film, Joker.

We start with stand up, but our talk takes in comedy and all other influencing sources including comics (of course), movies like King of Comedy and TV. Joker is the ultimate meta fan movie!

Seizure is a stand-up and promoter of comedy in Sydney but is also a huge comic book and movie fan.

As a note, yes that is a 5 year girl in the background demanding to know where her bike is, what can I say, we do it live!

Dave Keeshan
Seizure Kaiser

Joining us today is an old friend of mine, Mark Williamson. Mark and I first produced a podcast, Comedy on Edge Podcast, together back in 2012.

Today Mark is dialing into to discuss one of Australia’s biggest comedy duo’s, Roy and HG. Mark discusses their beginnings all the way back in the 80s, through the Sydney Olympics that, arguably, put them on the international scene. And they are still going today.

There is also some other fake sports presenting from the like of Alan Partridge and Stare-Out.

Dave Keeshan
Mark Williamson

On this podcast we are joined by friend of the show, Andrew Paskin. Andrew is a big fan of one liner comedians and their art.

We discuss some of the great and not so well known oneliner comedians:

  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • Phylis Diller
  • Jimmy Carr
  • Dennis Miller
  • Mitch Hedberg
  • Steven Wright
  • Demetri Martin

Here is a list lift from wikipedia if you are of the reading variety:

  • “I realised I was dyslexic when I went to a toga party dressed as a goat.” (Jimmy Carr)
  • “A baby seal walks into a club.”
  • “A dyslexic man walks into a bra.”
  • “There are three types of people, those who can count and those who can’t.”
  • “The flat-earth society has members all around the globe.”
  • “Jokes about communism have no class.”
  • “An escalator cannot break, it can only become stairs.” (Mitch Hedberg)
  • “If airline seat cushions are such great flotation devices, why don’t you ever see anyone take one to the beach?” (Jerry Seinfeld)
  • “What Iran needs now is a more modern leader—a mullah lite.” (Shappi Khorsandi)
  • “I have nothing to declare except my genius.” (Oscar Wilde, upon arriving at US customs, 1882)[2]
  • “Take my wife … please.” (Henny Youngman)
  • “They hired a 3-piece band that was so lousy, every time the waiter dropped a tray, we all got up and danced!” (Les Dawson)
  • “What a magnificent show this is going to be when it starts!” (Ken Dodd)
  • “I have a girlfriend! I’ve been going out with my girlfriend for… six!” (Stewart Francis)
  • “I have an L-shaped sofa… Lowercase.” (Demetri Martin)
  • “Crime in multi-story car parks is wrong on so many different levels.” (Tim Vine[3])
  • “The first few weeks of Weight Watchers, you’re just finding your feet.” (Jimmy Carr)
  • “Say what you want about the deaf…” (Jimmy Carr)
  • “I went up to the airport information desk and said ‘How many airports are there in the world?'” (Jimmy Carr)
Dave Keeshan
Andrew Paskin

Dave Keeshan