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  • Black Comedy in America with Carter Anderson

    On this podcast we are delighted to have on American standup comedian, Carter Anderson. Carter discusses what  it is like to be a black comedian in America, particularly now in […]

  • Cabaret Comedy – with Iestyn Edwards

    This week we are delighted to have on the podcast Iestyn Edwards. Iestyn discusses his art form, Cabaret Comedy, but we also delve into comedy characters, Madame Galina, woke culture […]

  • Norwegian Standup – with Pernille Haaland

    On this episode we are delighted to have on Norwegian comedian Pernille Haaland. Pernille is mainly based in the UK, but the Covid lockdown finds her back in Norway.

  • Profiles Host Mickey Burns

    On this episode we have Staten Island native Mickey Burns. He is the host of the celebrity interview show Profiles on the NYC Media. He is also the Network President […]

  • Melbourne Lockdown Special with Carrie Hardie

    On this episode we welcome an old friend, Carrie Hardie. Carrie and I worked together on our first podcast experience, 10, 9, 8 years ago. Carrie is currently stuck in […]

  • Clowning – with Rachel Lally

    On this episode we welcome Irish podcaster, Rachel Lally.  Rachel runs her own podcast, Six of one half dozen of the other and is also Actor, model, drama facilitator, street […]

  • Reality TV Casting – with Sheila Conlin

    We are delighted to have on the show the CEO of The Colin Company, Sheila Conlin. Sheila works as a casting directory for reality TV shows based in LA and […]

  • Russian Comedy – with Denis Nikolin

    Today we are so excited to have on the show comedian, co-founder and regular MC of English Moscow Comedy, Denis Nikolin. Denis discusses bringing English stand-up to the streets of […]

  • Sad Comedy – with Sean Begley

    On this episode we discuss the topic of Sad Comedy with Sean Begley. Some “comedy specials” are started as good old comedy shows and then seem to take a turn […]

  • International Performing – with Steven Morgan

    This episode we are delighted to have on the show Welsh comedian, Steven Morgan, to discussing the challenges of doing comedy in another country. Steven is a comedian, improviser, storyteller, […]