On this episode we discuss the topic of Sad Comedy with Sean Begley.

Some “comedy specials” are started as good old comedy shows and then seem to take a turn into something a little more dark a lot more serious.

Some of the shows discussed:

Hanah Gadsby – Nanette

Des Bishop – My Dad was Nearly James Bond

Tig Notaro – Live

Dave Chappelle – 8:46

Russell Kane – Son Of A Silverback

Dave Keeshan
Sean Begley

This episode we are delighted to have on the show Welsh comedian, Steven Morgan, to discussing the challenges of doing comedy in another country.

Steven is a comedian, improviser, storyteller, actor, writer, musician, who is now based on the Netherlands, by way of Brisbane.  So he has seen the experience from a few angles now.

Here you can checkout Stevens work, Real Power Talk.

This was a fun podcast.  Steven and I were able to make contact via the podcast guest finding website, Poddit, here is a shout out, feel free to sponsor us!

Dave Keeshan
Steven Morgan

On this episode we have the award winning writer Michael Carroll on to discuss one of his favourite authors, who also happened to be a mentor of Michael’s, Harry Harrison.

Harry’s work is largely sci-fi, with a dark streak of humour through it.

When Harry passed away here is what Michael said then about his work.

“Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean or Raiders of the Lost Ark, and picture them as science-fiction novels. They’re rip-roaring adventures, but they’re stories with a lot of heart.”[3] 

Micheal is the writer of many Judge Dredd comics and novels and has also written The New Heroes / Quantum Prophecy series.

Dave Keeshan
Michael Carroll

Marc Maron has an excellent interview with podcasting hold out Jerry Seinfeld. Check it out! Totally!

WTF started as a comedy podcast. It’s a show made by a comedian who wanted to talk to other comedians about comedy. Finally, after more than 10 years, Marc talks with the most well-known, most successful, and arguably most influential comedian in history, Jerry Seinfeld. About comedy. About how Jerry got started in comedy, how he was incapable of socializing, how he forged a friendship with Larry David, how he fueled himself with anger toward one person in particular. But mostly just about comedy and what comedy is.

This week we welcome comedian and Jesters room runner Chris O’Neill on to discuss the novelist and Floridian Carl Hiaasen (yes that is spelt correctly).

Hiaasen has written a number of books and may have been responsible for destroying Demi Moores acting career in the 90s, we don’t know.


Dave Keeshan
Chris O'Neill

Today we have on Irish director, John Vaughan, in to discuss dark comedy. Comedy that arises in dark places when we least expect it but need it the most.  John has been stuck at home like the rest of us during the lockdown. So his thoughts were just going that way …

John Vaughan is the only person to ever get a hard core sci-fi commissioned by the Irish Broadcaster, RTE, called Victory?

Ireland, two years after a global invasion by an alien force – can one good cop make a difference?


Here are his other shorts, Valour, which is mentioned in the podcast:


And My Dad:

Dave Keeshan
John Vaughan

Jokes and are they copyrightable come up a lot. 

There is a post over on Chortle where a former law lecturer and standup, Ollie Horn, tries to take it apart.

So I can copyright my jokes?

The simple answer in most cases is yes, and the surprising thing to many comics is that your jokes already enjoy copyright protection. Copyright protects ‘literary works’ (any writing, in any language), ‘dramatic works’ (anything with movement like a sketch, a mime or a slapstick routine), and ‘musical’ works. Basically everything you publish online or perform live in a comedy club will fall into one of these categories. 

On this podcast we have Seizure Kaiser come on to discuss the Joaquin Phoenix film, Joker.

We start with stand up, but our talk takes in comedy and all other influencing sources including comics (of course), movies like King of Comedy and TV. Joker is the ultimate meta fan movie!

Seizure is a stand-up and promoter of comedy in Sydney but is also a huge comic book and movie fan.

As a note, yes that is a 5 year girl in the background demanding to know where her bike is, what can I say, we do it live!

Dave Keeshan
Seizure Kaiser

Joining us today is an old friend of mine, Mark Williamson. Mark and I first produced a podcast, Comedy on Edge Podcast, together back in 2012.

Today Mark is dialing into to discuss one of Australia’s biggest comedy duo’s, Roy and HG. Mark discusses their beginnings all the way back in the 80s, through the Sydney Olympics that, arguably, put them on the international scene. And they are still going today.

There is also some other fake sports presenting from the like of Alan Partridge and Stare-Out.

Dave Keeshan
Mark Williamson